Certn Launches on ADP Marketplace
Certn Launches on ADP Marketplace

Certn is now available on the ADP Marketplace. Our goal is to be available wherever you hire, and this brings us one step closer.

Male and female labourers on construction site depicting hiring for skilled trades and labour
How Automation Helps Staffing Agencies Hire Faster

Labour shortages and the projected recession are expected to put pressure on staffing agencies who recruit for the skilled trades and labour.Here’s how Certn and Labourly can help.

Happy job candidate due to streamlined online hiring experience
Streamline the Hiring Process for a Better Candidate Experience

Streamline Hiring with Certn and Freshteam. On top of helping you learn meaningful information about your candidate, the way you run a background check or all of your background screening can contribute to a better candidate experience.

International recruiter calling candidate on phone from office
How to Overcome International Recruitment Challenges with Certn and Deel

International recruitment challenges are worth overcoming to secure top talent. Here’s how Certn and Deel make it easier to hire internationally.

Remote employee joining meeting on laptop to show ultimate guide to hiring remote employees
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

The global job market has changed and workplaces have been required to get out of their comfort zones and offer more flexible working conditions that are no longer limited to geographical boundaries.

Diverse employees representing embracing DEI in the candidate experience
Embracing‌ ‌DEI ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌Candidate‌ ‌Experience‌ ‌

Hiring is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Recruiters need to act fast with vulture-like competition waiting to swoop in on the next best talent. It becomes an absolute necessity for recruiters to have an Application Tracking Software (ATS) system that enables a smooth and fast hiring process.

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Attract the Right Employees in 2022 With Certn and BreezyHR

Hiring the right employee for your company can be a daunting task. It’s essential to find someone who is the right addition to your company culture and has the skills you need to help your business grow.

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Enhance Your Security Controls with Certn and Tugboat Logic Integration

Tugboat Logic integrates with Certn to automatically collect the evidence you need to demonstrate that your company is conducting background and reference checks.

Fountain: Certn’s Newest Applicant Tracking System Partner
Fountain: Certn’s Newest Applicant Tracking System Partner

We are thrilled to announce we’ve teamed up with Fountain to collectively strengthen our candidate-first experience in the hiring and background screening process.

ISIMS and certn
Meet Certn’s New Applicant Tracking System Partner iCIMS

Here at Certn we’re proud to provide a fully customizable integration with our background check platform and the iCIMS hiring platform to streamline the hiring process for our clients.

Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness and Security
Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness

Here’s how Certn’s SOC 2 background checks help Vanta clients with SOC 2 readiness.

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Certn Partnership with Njoyn

At Certn provide a complete background check system for all your hiring needs with results available at lightning speed. We offer criminal record checks, credential verification, employment verification, credit reports, and more.