Education Verification Services


Education verification services

Verify your candidates’ education credentials, degrees, and professional accreditations with Certn.

Here’s why you need to verify your candidates’ education and credential history

Hire qualified candidates for specialized roles

Some roles and industries require specialized knowledge, licenses, and professional accreditation. Ensure your candidates meet the necessary qualifications that indicate they can perform their roles in a compliant and industry-expected standard.

Stay ahead of trends in education and professional certifications

Many companies are building more inclusive hiring frameworks that look beyond conventional educational backgrounds. Certn can help you verify other accreditations, diplomas, and professional certifications.

Certn validates your candidates’ education and credential history for you.

Unless otherwise requested, Certn will typically verify:

The highest degree(s) received

Professional credentials
Course of study

Professional Licenses
Dates of attendance

Education verifications are comprehensive and quick with Certn.