Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks

Fast, Accurate Criminal Checks

The Certn platform connects police data from reputable databases & registries directly to your candidate report. Get accurate reports with shorter turnaround times with Certn.

Here’s why you need criminal background checks

  • Protect the trust you’ve built with your customers, partners, and employees. Trust is the most important asset you have. Protect and reinforce your company’s reputation and employer brand, by confidently hiring candidates that will safeguard your assets, their coworkers, and customers.
  • Comply with industry, local, state, and federal regulations. Job roles and industries that manage confidential data or have sensitive people interactions may require specific checks to be conducted. Ensure you are hiring the right people that meet the necessary regulations.

Trust is the most important business asset you have


of companies conduct background checks to protect employees & customers


increase in Identity Fraud in 2020, putting employers at risk


is the average cost of a negligent hiring lawsuit

Certn’s criminal background checks are comprehensive, accurate, and fast

Certn provides detailed national criminal record checks for US and Canada-based workers. Our AI-powered platform directly connects risk-relevant data from reputable databases & registries to your candidate records. This enables us to provide accurate reports with the shortest turnaround times to you. If you need international background checks, Certn provides a comprehensive search from over 200 countries and territories. 

To enhance your candidates’ criminal background checks, we recommend verifying their identity with our proprietary OneID tool.

Canadian Criminal Record Checks

Searches the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. Enhanced criminal record checks will include searches on the Police Information Portal (PIP), Firearms Interest Police (FIP), and the Niche RMS system.

Certn has the fastest turnaround time for SOQUIJ checks as we are the only provider to automate this search.

US Criminal Record Checks

Searches thousands of jurisdictions nationwide for state and local crimes.

Searches the US district and appellate courts for federal crimes.

Searches county courthouses for cases with their charge, disposition, and sentence.

Searches state-level police and law enforcement records, and state courts records.

Searches registries across all states to uncover current or potential sex offender registrations.

Searches domestic and international government sanctions and watchlists.

US Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

Identifies any name and address history associated with a provided SSN.

Criminal background checks can be fast, comprehensive, and affordable. Let us show you how.

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