How Automation Helps Staffing Agencies Hire Faster

Male and female labourers on construction site depicting hiring for skilled trades and labour

Labour shortages and the projected recession are expected to put pressure on staffing agencies who recruit for the skilled trades and labour.

Fortunately, Certn and Labourly have a solution: Certn is excited to announce its background check platform is now integrated with Labourly’s all-in-one HR solution to help solve these and other recruitment struggles staffing agencies face.

Staffing Agency Trends and Challenges

Staffing agencies and recruiters in manufacturing, natural resources, and construction are already expecting that 2022 labour shortages (stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and demographic shifts) will continue to put pressure on hiring in 2023. You can read more on this forecast and other anticipated trends in Labourly’s 2023 trends forecast.

We think the forecasted labour shortages, combined with shrinking recession budgets, is more incentive for companies to make sure they’re attracting and retaining the right skilled workers. This is where automated hiring processes and tech-enabled background checks can help staffing agencies.

Female skilled labourer hired because automation helps staffing agencies hire faster

Staffing and Recruitment Challenges for Staffing Agencies

Staffing and recruitment has its unique challenges. Here are a few of the most common ones as cited by recruiters in staffing agencies. You might recognize some of these:

  • Attracting the right candidates: It can be difficult to find candidates who have the necessary skills and experience and who want to work for the company.
  • Limited pool of specialists: In some cases, there may be a limited pool of candidates available, especially for roles in the trades that require highly specialized skills or knowledge.
  • Competition for top talent: In a competitive job market, it can be difficult to attract top candidates, as they often have multiple offers to choose from.
  • Time and resources: Recruitment is a time consuming and resource intensive process, especially if it’s all done manually.

Staffing Skilled Trades and Labour

On top of the challenges above, outdated, manual workflows decrease profitability and increase liability for staffing agencies. The most expensive cost with low return on investment for many staffing agencies are manual hiring processes.

If you’re still doing all your recruitment tasks manually, your costs are going to keep rising and you risk making mistakes. This is the value of using Certn’s tech-enabled background checks and Labourly’s automated hiring platform built to serve clients like staffing agencies. With Certn and Labourly, you can quickly organize and retrieve candidate information, like background check results and training certificates and licences.

66% of skilled trades and construction job applications are completed on a phone, so streamlining the hiring and onboarding workflow with technology will give you a competitive edge and reduce candidate drop-off.

Male skilled labourers hired because automation helps staffing agencies hire faster

Automated Hiring Systems for Staffing Agencies

More than 90% of CHROs predict significant changes to HR operating models in the coming years according to McKinsey’s research. This is on top of how workplaces have already changed in response to COVID-19. A key driver: automated hiring.

Automation can help you scale hiring operations by putting routine administrative tasks on autopilot, freeing up valuable time and resources. There are several ways staffing agencies can benefit from using Labourly’s automated features:

  • Resume Screening: Automated resume screeners help recruiters like you quickly scan large volumes of applications and build candidate profiles for job postings.
  • Automated Emails: Emails are automatically sent to candidates to collect information on their interest in and acceptance of roles, freeing up time for you to focus on other tasks.
  • Certifications and Documents Management: Automated processes can help you track, monitor, and manage renewal requirements automatically to ensure candidates’ certifications and licenses are up to date and to avoid liability caused by expired documents.
  • Background Checks: Tech-enabled background checks, including checks like criminal record checks, employment and education verification, and credentials verifications, cut out a lot of laborious administration like ordering background checks, manually pulling results, and reading through long reports to determine red flags. With its Certn integration, background screening can be completed in a few clicks by your teams and their candidates.

Tech-Enabled Background Checks

Certn uses tech efficiencies to disrupt the background check process by eliminating many of the tedious, manual tasks, such as searching criminal databases and verifying employment and education history. A tech-enabled background check solution can ping databases such as criminal history databases, blacklists, and watchlists, news sources, and court records with less human intervention to return accurate results faster. This helps you determine an applicant’s suitability for a job quicker. We know that time is money for staffing agencies!

All-In-One Hiring and Background Checks

As we stated at the top, staffing agencies who recruit for the skilled trades and labour will face more challenges finding the top talent. However, staffing agencies can take steps to make sure they’re attracting the right skilled workers using Labourly’s all-in-one HR software and Certn’s background checks.

Why wait? Book a demo to see how the Certn and Labourly integration can help your staffing agencies leverage automation in parts of the hiring process.

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