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The Why Behind Certn Brand Evolution Banner
The “Why” Behind Certn’s Brand Evolution

We set out to solve one of society’s hardest problems: building trust. Here’s how we evolved the Certn brand identity to reflect our future.

Certn team celebrating $30 million Series B boost
Certn is One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

Learn why we’re growing so quickly and why we have the fastest and easiest background checks.

Small business owner who runs background checks on employees
Best Small Business Background Checks: Certn Leads

Here’s what real users say about why Certn has the best small business background checks.

Certn CEO Andrew McLeod presenting on Certn's growth at the Collision Conference
Q&A on Certn’s Growth at Collision Conference

Why is Certn a background check leader? Certn CEO Andrew McLeod talks about Certn’s growth at the Collision Conference in Toronto on June 29, 2023.

Certn Launches on ADP Marketplace Banner
Certn Launches on ADP Marketplace

Certn is now available on the ADP Marketplace. Our goal is to be available wherever you hire, and this brings us one step closer.

Remote employee having online meeting depecting the future of work needs a better background check process
The Future of Work Needs a Better Background Check Process

The Certn background check process is literally made to make hiring faster and easier. Not to mention, it aligns with new and emerging models of work and works where you work.

Certn team celebrating $30 million Series B boost
Certn’s $30M Boost to Expand Background Checks

We’re excited to announce that the Government of Canada’s export credit agency, Export Development Canada (EDC), is among the investors in our Series B financing round.

Male and female labourers on construction site depicting hiring for skilled trades and labour
How Automation Helps Staffing Agencies Hire Faster

Here’s how automation helps staffing agencies hire faster and how Certn and Labourly can help.

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Certn Named Leader in Background Checks

Our 2023 Leader status makes sense since we’re committed to changing background screening globally by offering better background checks for everyone.

International recruiter calling candidate on phone from office
How to Overcome International Recruitment Challenges with Certn and Deel

International recruitment challenges are worth overcoming to secure top talent. Here’s how Certn and Deel make it easier to hire internationally.

Remote employee joining meeting on laptop to show ultimate guide to hiring remote employees
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

The global job market has changed and workplaces have been required to get out of their comfort zones and offer more flexible working conditions that are no longer limited to geographical boundaries.

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Easiest Background Check Provider, According to G2

The last time G2’s report came out, Certn earned badges for “Easiest to Use,” “Easiest Admin,” and “Highest User Adoption.” Now the newly released fall report confirms that we’re still the easiest to use, we still offer the easiest admin, and we still have the highest user adoption rate.