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Male freelance part-time worker with Certn background check to work in gig economy
The Gig Economy Revolution: Preparing for Growth

There’s a work revolution underway. The gig work economy is reshaping work and hiring practices. How’s your company adapting?

Freelancers with a background check to work
Why You Should Always Screen Your Freelancers

Here’s why it’s important to screen freelancers you bring on to help.

US flag to show Certn launches background checks in the US
Certn Background Checks Launches in the US

Certn delivers certainty and peace of mind to US customers through compliant and comprehensive background checks.

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Certn Partnership with Njoyn

At Certn provide a complete background check system for all your hiring needs with results available at lightning speed. We offer criminal record checks, credential verification, employment verification, credit reports, and more.

Certn employees gathered in a group at the Victoria, BC head office
Certn: Growth Leaders Of Tomorrow

Certn has earned a spot on the Ready to Rocket list. Learn more about Certn’s astronomical growth and promising future.

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Win at Hiring with the New Certn and Greenhouse Integration

Hiring just got easier. Here’s why Certn is partnering with Greenhouse.

Employee working in store after getting background check for retail
Why You Need Background Checks for Retail

Hiring at a mall or a store? Here’s why you need background checks for retail.

Image representing how AI is revolutionizing recruitment
How AI is Revolutionizing Recruitment

Here’s how AI is streamlining the recruitment process, and how Certn uses AI to deliver better background checks.

Certn and JobAdder partnership
Certn Signs a New Partnership with JobAdder

Here’s why JobAdder and Certn teamed up to deliver better HR experiences!

Cellphone App Icons for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Illustrating Social Media Screening
The Truth About Social Media Screening

Here’s the truth about social media screening that you need to know.

Collaborative employees showing why you need to screen potential hires
Why You Need to Screen Your Potential Hires

It’s not as simple as putting up a job ad and picking the best person. Here’s why you need to screen your potential hires.

DHR Global Employees
Client Spotlight: DHR Global

Here’s a video about how DHR Global uses Certn to deliver faster and easier experiences.