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Non profit background checks for volunteers helping in community
Non Profit Background Checks: Screening Volunteers

Use our non profit background checks to quickly and safely assemble a team of volunteers to serve your mission.

Colleagues collaborating at desk in a safe and relaxed setting thanks to employment background checks and employee screening
Employment Background Checks and Employee Screening

Here are five reasons why clients choose Certn employment background checks and employee screening.

Candidate using tips for addressing a criminal record in a job interview over laptop virtual interview in conference room
Tips for Addressing a Criminal Record in an Interview

Whether or not you’re hired with a criminal record depends on many factors. Here are some tips for addressing a criminal record in an interview.

Staffing agency owner and colleague sitting on couch using best background checks for staffing agencies
Background Checks for Staffing Agencies

Here are the best background checks for staffing agencies based on emerging trends and what our clients use.

Financial services employees looking at trade information on iPad with a PEP to protect business and investments
PEP Check: Politically Exposed Persons Screening Explained

A PEP check is a must for anti-money laundering due diligence. But how does it work? Who’s required to do it. Keep reading to find out!

Trends Impacting Hospitality Industry Hiring in 2024

Hospitality industry hiring in 2024 is being impacted by seven key trends. Learn everything you need to know to stay ahead.

The Why Behind Certn Brand Evolution Banner
The “Why” Behind Certn’s Brand Evolution

We set out to solve one of society’s hardest problems: building trust. Here’s how we evolved the Certn brand identity to reflect our future.

oil fig by river to represent best background checks for oil and gas
Background Checks for Oil and Gas: Screening Best Practices

Oil and gas companies place high importance on background checks for workplace safety. Here’s what they look for in employee screening.

Gig worker delivery driver with background check to work safely
How to Hire a Gig Worker: Background Checks for Contractors and Part-Timers

With Certn, Fantuan can easily run background checks for gig workers. Learn more about how Certn helps gig work economy and marketplace companies.

Winnipeg City Sign Representing Criminal Record Check Winnipeg
Criminal Record Check Winnipeg: Answering Your Questions

Here’s everything job seekers in Winnipeg need to know about getting a background check.

Man asking question to audience in workplace representing 10 background check terms you need to know
Top 10 Background Check Terms You Should Know

There’s lot of background screening-specific jargon to decipher. In this blog post, we cover the top 10 background check terms you should know.

Doctor reviewing patient chart authorized to work with background checks for healthcare workers
An Easy Guide to Background Checks for Healthcare Workers

Need peace of mind? Healthcare background checks ensure that each of your new hires are representing themselves accurately and are qualified to work in the sector.