Easiest Background Check Provider, According to G2

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  • Can be sent with just a few clicks
  • Send automatic reminders to applicants (a new feature inspired by feedback you provided)
  • Don’t require you to collect various forms

When a new G2 report comes out, it’s always pretty exciting. G2 is one of the most popular and trusted software review sites around. Part of what makes its reports so useful is that it captures reviews and rankings from real users. It also gives more weight to recent reviews, meaning that you always have a clear picture of how people really feel about a particular product or service.

So, what does this all mean to the world of background checks?

 The last time G2’s report came out, Certn earned badges for “Easiest to Use,” “Easiest Admin,” and “Highest User Adoption.” Now the newly released fall report confirms that we’re still the easiest to use, we still offer the easiest admin, and we still have the highest user adoption rate. Sure, holding steady might not sound super glitzy, but how do you improve on 100% (our rating for ease of admin)?

So, what do users really think about Certn? Keep reading to find out!

Background Checks That Are Easy to Use

It’s nice to have background checks that:

  • Can be sent with just a few clicks
  • Send automatic reminders to applicants (a new feature inspired by feedback you provided)
  • Don’t require you to collect various forms

You can order the background checks you need right from your ATS, and your candidates can complete them with just a few clicks — right from their smartphone.

For busy HR professionals, that means hiring faster, hiring better, and hiring globally. It’s easier to win out against the competition and secure the best candidates, all while staying compliant.

Certn is easy to use, and support service is quick and responsive.” – G2 reviewer

Certn’s High User Adoption

When something is easy to use, it’s easy to train new staff to use it. As a result, it’s not a huge surprise that we also earned a badge for highest user adoption. High user adoption helps your team stay efficient and effective. It makes it easier for people to step in and help in a pinch, as well as work cohesively as a team.

The user interface is very simple which makes it easy for us to train managers and new HR staff on how to use the product, it also makes it simple for our candidates to complete.” – G2 reviewer

Certn Has Easiest Admin

According to G2, one of the things you love most about us is that we offer the easiest admin out there. Setup and getting started are smooth and painless processes. So is billing. And so is making changes to your account. As a result, you get to focus on other tasks that are more important than being on hold waiting for a customer service agent.

“It’s quick and easy to set up a variety of background checks. Then it’s as simple as a click of submitting and Certn does the rest.” – G2 reviewer

Get Better Background Checks

At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you get background checks that are, well, actually really good. It’s a simple thing, but it’s one that makes a difference to your team. Plus, background checks help all business departments

Price point is right, the breadth of services offered is great, customer support and speedy turn around of results- the platform offers what you need and would expect.” – G2 reviewer

Certn is excellent when it comes to executing background checks quickly. Since switching to Certn we have been able to speed up our hiring process by about 3 weeks compared to our previous background check vendor. Certn has also helped be the base for us to go to a more virtual hiring process.” – G2 reviewer

For us here at Certn, these reviews matter. They demonstrate just how committed we are to our clients and to creating a background screening experience that is the best it can be.

When we hear from you, we often hear about all kinds of things like our customer service, price point, and turnaround times. Even our lowest-rated features—integrations (with a rating of 94%), messaging (with a rating of 94%), and alerts and notifications (with a rating of 95%)—are all comfortably above the average that other providers offer.

When we’re being compared against more than a hundred other companies, these ratings, reviews, and badges tell a pretty powerful story. But perhaps the most important takeaway from the G2 report is our net promoter score of 87. It shows that our clients are significantly happier with our services than they are with the majority of other providers on the market (because when was the last time you heard someone rave about their background check provider).

Want to see it all in action? Book your demo today to see just how easy it is to get started with Certn.