HR Trends Explained: Background Check APIs

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According to Harvard researchers, the average employee toggles between different apps and windows more than 3,600 times a day. Which is…a lot. For HR professionals, minimizing this type of back and forth saves time that can be better spent on other tasks. 

If you’ve taken the time to configure a custom platform for managing your hiring process–posting jobs ads, managing applications, sending offers–then you probably want any new background screening solutions that you use to easily fit within it. Right? Rather than toggling between your hiring platform and your background screening solution, it’s nicer and more efficient to keep everything in one place.

An API that’s easy to set up can make all the difference. Here’s how.

How to Define API

In simple terms, an application programming interface (API) acts as a go-between when two programs want to work together. It functions as the bridge between the two, so that orders placed through one program can then be sent to the other, processed, and the results sent back to the first program.

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A useful way to think of APIs is to imagine them as a server at a restaurant. The server takes your order, sends it to the kitchen using the correct format and instructions, and then brings your prepared food back to the table for you to enjoy.

APIs are used in a wide variety of contexts and are becoming very common as we increasingly desire interconnected technology experiences. There’s a good chance that you use them on a regular basis, whether filling up your cart when shopping online or watching the progress of a takeout delivery on Google maps. In fact, according to one report, “over 83% of all web traffic currently comes from [APIs].” Here are some other common examples of them in action:

  • Google maps on a Contact Us page
  • Using your Facebook account to log into another platform
  • A chatbot greeting you on a homepage
  • An embedded Youtube video on a blog post

As an HR professional, you might already use one or two to access and integrate data across various platforms. HR teams often use them to:

  • Connect their ATS with their HCM
  • Schedule meetings that account for everyone’s schedules and time zones
  • Combine several vendors into one custom solution for their specific HR needs

Background Check API

Background check APIs allows you to integrate your background screening solution right into your custom hiring platform. As a result, you’ll be able to integrate Certn’s screening process seamlessly into your workflow. This is useful for a few different reasons because it’ll allow you to:

  • Avoid toggling between different applications
  • Easily include background checks in your hiring process
  • Automate processes
  • Increase efficiency and save time for other tasks

You’ll be able to easily conduct ID verifications, criminal record checks, and more from your hiring platform.

Certn API

At Certn, we provide what is known as an open restful API. This means that it is available for external use by a wide range of clients and is easy to set up. Access is also free, meaning that you only need to pay for the checks you use.

Getting started is easier and faster than you might think. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Sign up for a demo account
  • Start using the demo account and begin to complete successful tests
  • Speak to our customer support team if you need help along the way
  • Create a production account

Start running your background checks!

Self Sign up and Demo

Whether you’re an expert or fairly new to using this programming interface you’ll be able to get started in the manner that’s most convenient for you. Our self-serve model means that knowledgeable experts aren’t encumbered by lengthy extra steps they don’t need (they can simply grab the documentation and information they need to get started).

Teams a little less familiar with APIs still get to benefit from plenty of support and guidance. Our support team takes the time to reach out to make sure that each new client feels comfortable getting started. Within the demo environment, you’ll also find sample code, mock responses, and the names to use to get those responses, which you can use to get set up.

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Customizable Solution

With Certn, not only can you place requests, but you can also make upgrades and obtain orders when you want thanks to our multiple endpoints. These endpoints include the following:

  • Post: place your order
  • Put: upgrade an existing request
  • Get: retrieve the results

These endpoints give you more options when conducting your background checks. They provide a really useful way to customize your workflow!

Best Background Check API

Is there a difference between different providers? In a word: yes.

Here’s what to look for:

Free Availability

Some background check providers may demand a fee for simply accessing their documentationAPI. Others may only be interested in processing orders of a certain size, and so might not be interested in onboarding small to medium-sized businesses.

With a good background screening API (like ours here at Certn!), these barriers shouldn’t be a factor. Whether you want to do 10 checks or 10,000, you can go through the process of signing up for the demo and getting started.

Easy API Documentation

Shameless plug to follow: Certn’s documentation is shockingly clear and easy to use. That’s important because for documentation to be useful, it needs to be clear and provide easy-to-follow instructions. This helps make for a simpler setup process, which is why it’s something that many companies look for when deciding between different providers.

Good Candidate Experience

While you want a solution that makes life easier for you and your team, it’s also essential to find a provider that provides a good experience to candidates too (especially if you’re ordering checks using the invite method). A background screening experience that is quick and easy for candidates to complete (right from their smartphone, no less) can make all the difference.

Certn’s background checks are known for the incredible candidate experience they provide. Our process also eliminates unnecessary back and forth, so candidates won’t need to fetch and upload multiple files like they might when completing their check with another provider. It makes for an easier and more enjoyable process that is also faster too. This means that you can feel comfortable knowing that both your candidates and your team get to benefit from an easy, quick, and seamless experience.

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Hire Easy

To sum it up, APIs help you easily integrate background checks into your hiring platform to keep everything in one place. But a good offering will provide a few other essential benefits as well, such as:

  • Self-serve setup
  • No setup or access fees
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and documentation
  • Support for those who would like to receive it
  • An excellent candidate experience

Certn’s API is available for HR as well as property management. If you’re looking to get started, you can create your demo account today!