Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness

Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness and Security

Certn has always felt that security is not just something you talk about but it’s something that needs to be a top priority. We’ve made a commitment to ensure that our security not only meets but exceeds industry norms and that starts with getting a SOC 2 report. 

To help us obtain our report, we wanted to find a partner report that was as thorough, quick and efficient as Certn. After countless hours of research, we found Vanta.

Vanta is a software company based out of San Francisco that has built software that streamlines and automates much of the SOC 2 readiness and remediation process.

If you are familiar with SOC 2, you know that a big part of SOC 2 centres around personnel requirements – and for many companies that include background checking employees.

Vanta recently released a native integration with Certn, where Certn customers can monitor the status of, and view their background checks directly inside of Vanta

The benefit of displaying these checks inside of Vanta is that Vanta partner auditors can see the status of these background checks – saving our mutual clients and partners time and effort of otherwise collecting screenshots proving that employees have been background checked.

We run thousands of background checks for companies who are working on getting (or renewing) their SOC 2 reports. 

If you’re one of those companies, we encourage you to go take a look at what Vanta has built. Go to vanta.com and request a demo or email [email protected] directly.

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