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Gig Economy

Woman running an online check on smartphone to show how to run a background check on yourself
How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

It helps to understand what others see about you when they conduct their own screening. Here’s how to run a background check on yourself.

gig worker
The Gig and Freelance Economy in Canada

Gig work is the trend of people participating in short-term or project-based work arrangements. The Canada gig economy is the ecosystem where this type of freelancing is the primary or major source of income.

gig work
Minimize Gig Work Risks with Background Screening

While the gig economy offers benefits, it’s important for employers to understand and mitigate potential risks with background screening.

man at laptop
3 Ways Background Checks Help Gig Work

Gig work gives employees more flexibility, but a freelancer can be a huge asset to companies by giving you the productivity boost you need when you’re busy or too short-staffed to take on more work.

gig work
Don’t Take Gig Work for Granted

We all anticipated it across various industries: the gig economy was going to be a revolution. We took it for granted. After all, there was a drastic increase in online platforms and mobile applications to provide, not just digital products and services, but actual service tasks as well such as ride-sharing, grocery delivery, pet caring, and more. 

covid-19 gig economy
How Gig Work is Changing in COVID-19

The world of work has been an ever-changing landscape. But we’ve never seen shifts of this magnitude before. Everyone’s talking about Gig companies. Some experts say it’s due to the pandemic.

gig worker
The Gig Economy Revolution: Preparing for Growth

There’s a work revolution underway. The gig work economy is reshaping work and hiring practices. How’s your company adapting?

Why You Should Always Screen Your Freelancers

As the gig economy continues to grow with 43% of the current workforce expected to be self-employed by 2020, it’s time for recruiters to take freelancers seriously.

The Role of Background Checks in the Future of Gig Work

In many respects, the future of work is already here. Amid the headlines exclaiming the predicted loss of jobs due to automation and other changes brought by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous systems, plus the influx of jobs in the “gig economy” it’s clear that the way we work and live is transforming.