Gig Economy

Gig worker delivery driver with background check to work safely
How to Hire a Gig Worker: Background Checks for Contractors and Part-Timers

With Certn, Fantuan can easily run background checks for gig workers. Learn more about how Certn helps gig work economy and marketplace companies.

Woman running an online check on smartphone to show how to run a background check on yourself
How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

It helps to understand what others see about you when they conduct their own screening. Here’s how to run a background check on yourself.

Male food delivery worker in hat in the gig and freelance economy in Canada
The Gig and Freelance Economy in Canada

Gig work is the trend of people participating in short-term or project-based work arrangements. The Canada gig economy is the ecosystem where this type of freelancing is the primary or major source of income.

Freelance marketer works from home safely after background check
Minimize Gig Work Risks with Background Screening

While the gig economy offers benefits, it’s important for employers to understand and mitigate potential risks with background screening.

Delivery driver scanning packages to show three ways that background checks help gig work
3 Ways Background Checks Help Gig Work

Gig work gives employees more flexibility, but a freelancer can be a huge asset to companies by giving you the productivity boost you need when you’re busy or too short-staffed to take on more work.

Woman doing gig work scanning Amazon package in car
The Role of Background Checks in the Future of Gig Work

The way we live and work is changing. Here’s how Certn’s online checks support the future of gig work and those hiring in the gig economy.

Gig worker scanning parcel authorized to work with online background check
Don’t Take Gig Work for Granted

Online background checks play a critical role in using gig workers effectively and safely. Here’s how.

Freelance writer working on laptop at coffee shop depicting gig work shift in COVID-19 pandemic
How Gig Work is Changing in COVID-19

Everyone’s talking gig. There’s no denying the COVID-19 pandemic is encouraging employers to experiment with new models of work.

Male freelance part-time worker with Certn background check to work in gig economy
The Gig Economy Revolution: Preparing for Growth

There’s a work revolution underway. The gig work economy is reshaping work and hiring practices. How’s your company adapting?

Freelancers with a background check to work
Why You Should Always Screen Your Freelancers

Here’s why it’s important to screen freelancers you bring on to help.