Certn’s AI-powered ID Verification (OneID) allows businesses to establish the real identity of their candidates by verifying government-issued IDs instantly. Certn’s advanced technologies are proven to detect false identities while providing a seamless ID verification process and deterring fraud.

Step 1:

Candidates photograph the front of their ID and take a selfie using our cutting-edge technology to help get the best possible image quality.

Step 2:

Data is extracted from the ID card using optical character recognition to definitively assess authenticity directly with the source of the document.

Step 3:

AI and decades of deep learning work together to verify the ID in real-time or to request more information from the user. If we’re not confident, our highly-trained verification experts step in to ensure 100% accuracy.

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OneID gives a fast and simple user experience while supporting over 500 government-issued ID types in over 60 countries. To make the experience even easier, It allows for full customization to align perfectly with your corporate UI/UX.

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