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Cleaner washing window in a home after undergoing best background check for cleaning business
Best Background Checks to Protect Your Cleaning Business

We cover the best background checks to protect your cleaning business and how to stay compliant.

Small business owner who runs background checks on employees
Best Small Business Background Checks: Certn Leads

Here’s what real users say about why Certn has the best small business background checks.

Small business owners with spreadsheets that are holding their business back
How Spreadsheets Are Holding Small Businesses Back and Preventing Them From Reaching Their Hiring Goals

Spreadsheets are a simple and popular way for businesses to consolidate and manage large amounts of employee and candidate data. However, they also have shortcomings in their efficiency, security, and operations.

Open for business sign on store depicting how owners can protect their business assets with background checks
Owners: Protect Your Assets with Background Checks

You already have a lot to worry about when it comes to building your small business — we get it. So don’t add more work to your future by skipping a vital step: background checks. Background checks are an important part of building a secure business, no matter how small.

Small business owner processing sales for delivery to customers
Certn Lime: The Background Check Solution for SMBs

We’ve introduced a new self-serve option for small- and medium-sized businesses to get going with background checks right away.