Fight Unconscious Bias During Recruitment with These Tips

As much as we hate to admit it, we all have biases. We’re biased when it comes to sports teams, food, and nearly every aspect of our everyday life. We can’t help ourselves. Most of the time, it happens without us even knowing it — and that’s precisely when it can become most dangerous. This

The Dos & Don’ts of Successfully Hiring Millennials

Hiring Millennials is easier said than done. A lot of businesses think they can wave some ping pong and pizza in their face and call it a day. While their view of the corporate world is, for the most part, vastly different than Baby Boomers and Generation X — they’re not the prima donna Internet-obsessed

3 Questions to Ask a Candidate’s References

Companies lose an average of $14,900 on each bad hire from the previous year. Let that really sink in for a second. That’s a good chunk of change, no matter how you slice it. As we all know, the top investment at most companies is people. Pumping that much money into hiring the right person

Support Developer – React & Redux

Rapidly growing Canadian Tech Company is seeking a talented Support Developer –Apply now At Certn, one of our goals is to be considered leaders of front-end engineering and a model to others. We are prepared to invest our resources to ensure all the necessary tools are at your disposal. If you enjoy pushing the envelope

Customer Support Guru (Fluent in French)

Rapidly growing Canadian Tech Company is seeking a Bi-Lingual Customer Support Guru –Apply now The Customer Support Guru role challenges and supports you so that you can help empower applicants around the world. You will be supporting in both English and French through live chats, phone calls, and emails. Working from our downtown Victoria office allows

How technology is revolutionizing recruitment

Technology’s impact on the modern workplace is undeniable. We live in a time when people can work just as well from home as they can from a downtown office. Because of the constant stream of new technologies, workplace dynamics can shift so rapidly that it’s sometimes tough to keep up with what’s new and on

Why you should always screen your freelancers

As the gig economy continues to grow with 43% of the current workforce expected to be self-employed by 2020, it’s time for recruiters to take freelancers seriously. We’ve seen the evolution already. Remote working is becoming more popular, and companies are looking to more freelancers for help with individual projects. On paper, these are people

Five benefits of screening tenants

Finding good tenants is a must for any landlord who wants a reliable rental income stream. By ‘good tenants’ we mean those who pay rent on time, don’t cause trouble with the neighbors and who will take care of your rental property like it was their own. That’s why tenant screening is such an important