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How Verifications Stop Application Fraud

Verifications play an important role in helping HR teams prevent application fraud. Here’s what you need to know!

Criminal Record Checks Canada FAQs

Certn’s experts weigh in with answers to criminal record checks Canada FAQs.

How to Get a Driver’s Abstract in Ontario

Here’s how to get a driver’s abstract in Ontario and every other province and territory in Canada.

Certn Launches on ADP Marketplace

Certn is now available on the ADP Marketplace. Our goal is to be available wherever you hire, and this partnership brings us one step closer to achieving this.

SOC 2 Background Checks: Your Complete Guide

In this blog post we cover everything you need to know about SOC 2 background checks.

Female teacher with student and title Jobs that Require a Criminal Record Check
Jobs that Require a Criminal Record Check

Certain jobs in Canada require employee background checks, specifically a criminal record check.

Gig workers doing online background check on smartphone The Future of Work Needs a Better Background Check Process
The Future of Work Needs a Better Background Check Process

The Certn background check process is literally made to make hiring faster and easier. Not to mention, it aligns with new and emerging models of work and works where you work.

Certn’s $30M Boost to Expand Background Checks

We’re excited to announce that the Government of Canada’s export credit agency, Export Development Canada (EDC), is among the investors in our Series B financing round.

Male recruiter evaluating background screening vendor on mobile phone
Choosing the Best Background Screening Vendor: What to Ask

We’ve published a guide to help you when choosing the best background screening vendor.

how spreadsheets are holding small businesses back
How Spreadsheets Are Holding Small Businesses Back and Preventing Them From Reaching Their Hiring Goals

Spreadsheets are a simple and popular way for businesses to consolidate and manage large amounts of employee and candidate data. However, they also have shortcomings in their efficiency, security, and operations.

Retail Hiring Trends 2023: How Recruiters Can Win with Technology

Here are the retail hiring trends to watch for in 2023 and how Certn can support faster, easier retail hiring to help you keep up.

how to hire faster and impress candidates
Automated Hiring: Hire Faster and Impress Candidates

Automated hiring is a 2023 trend hiring trend that delivers better candidate experiences.