Woman working in IT showing importance of SOC 2 background checks
SOC 2 Background Checks: Your Complete Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about SOC 2 background checks to keep your business safe.

Female cybersecurity expert monitoring multiple screens to show what is SOC 2
What Is SOC 2

Developed by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 is an auditing procedure that verifies companies have internal controls in place to protect sensitive data, and that the controls are operating continuously.

Workplace depicting the dangers of not doing background checks for employee safety
The Dangers of Not Doing Background Checks

Are background checks necessary? What happens if you skip them? Here are some of the dangers of not doing background checks.

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Enhance Your Security Controls with Certn and Tugboat Logic Integration

Tugboat Logic integrates with Certn to automatically collect the evidence you need to demonstrate that your company is conducting background and reference checks.

Security badge depicting how background checks help achieve SOC 2 compliance
How Background Checks Help Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

Think SOC 2 is a boring compliance topic? Think again. If you’re a SaaS startup, this designation gives you a competitive edge. Background checks are a key enabler of SOC compliance.

Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness and Security
Certn and Vanta Partner to Help Companies with SOC 2 Readiness

Here’s how Certn’s SOC 2 background checks help Vanta clients with SOC 2 readiness.