How Technology is Revolutionizing Recruitment

Happy collaborative team at workplace to show how technology is revolutionizing recruitment

Technology’s impact on the modern workplace is undeniable. We live in a time when people can work just as well from home as they can from a downtown office. Because of the constant stream of new technologies, workplace dynamics can shift so rapidly that it’s sometimes tough to keep up with what’s new and on the horizon.

This is true for every part of an organization, including HR. It’s no secret that the recruitment process has evolved with the implementation of new technologies. It’s easier than ever to access information about potential employees, and social media screening is a whole other discussion on its own. There are so many things now at recruiters’ disposal that were mere pipe dreams 20 years ago.

Of course, there’s always good and bad when it comes to any form of technology. While technological advancement has moved the needle for recruiters, it can also make their jobs more challenging at times. We’re going to take a look at how technology is shaping the recruitment process in today’s workplace.

The Online Review

Have you ever looked up Google reviews and made an assumption about a restaurant based on how many stars it received? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. The trust that comes with a Google review has only grown over the years, and that same idea has made its way into workplaces worldwide.

The rise of employer-review tools, like Glassdoor and Kununu, has given employees an unprecedented amount of power. These tools allow employees to rate their workplaces and leave comments about them that can often influence the opinion of prospective employees. For example, if you read about a workplace with a one-star rating, does that induce confidence to pursue employment with them?

For recruiters, this is a very real challenge. Employer-review tools can be devastating for an organization. It can become extremely difficult to find qualified candidates in the recruitment process as a result. Worse yet, there doesn’t have to be any valid reason for a particular employee to leave a terrible review. They may have an issue with one person but still give a bad rating to the whole organization.

Social Media Recruitment

No, we’re not talking about sliding into your Instagram DMs here — although, that can be a valid strategy some recruiters use, believe it or not. One of the best places that recruiters are now finding great candidates is none other than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a recruiter’s dream. Think about it. You have access to a worldwide pool of potential candidates, and you can look at their qualifications and experience ahead of time. Before you get to the interview stage, you’ll already know so much about your candidate’s professional background that all the legwork is done for you.

Like any social media platform, however, you still have to be vigilant. You need to make sure you’re conducting a proper background check so someone is who they say they are. LinkedIn has also made an effort to flag bots and ghost profiles that can cause huge headaches for recruiters.

People Screening Software

This might be a recruiter’s best friend in the modern workplace. Recruitment screening software is a real thing, and it can help organizations make the best employment decisions for the future of their business.

Take a people screening software like Certn, for example. This platform helps recruiters save time and money by giving them unparalleled access to compliant background checks. They’re able to look into a number of important recruitment factors such as criminal records and identity verification to identify risk using real-time public information. Book a demo today to find out how they can make your life as a recruiter easier.