How AI is Revolutionizing Recruitment

Image representing how AI is revolutionizing recruitment

As workplace technologies have become more advanced and sophisticated, HR recruiters have followed suit.

The recruitment process is being streamlined through the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). An overwhelming 96% of recruiters believe that AI can greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention. This technology is revolutionizing the HR industry as we know it, and it’s time all recruiters take notice.

But in order for everyone to be on board, it’s important to understand how AI can help the recruitment process and create better hiring practices. Every new technology is sure to have its hiccups, but the benefits of AI for recruiters far outweigh the stumbling blocks.

Maximizing Efficiency

There are some things that we as humans simply cannot do. We can’t fly, nor can HR recruiters do sourcing, screening, and matching as efficiently as AI.

Did you know that roughly 14 hours per week are lost because of the manual nature of the recruitment process? Given the already incredibly tight schedules of HR recruiters, every minute counts. Finding the best candidate takes time. Anything that can help move that process forward both quickly and carefully needs to be considered as a best practice.

Sifting through tons of applicants manually is an intense and stressful undertaking. Having an AI help guide you and eliminate bad applicants is worthwhile in itself. It gives HR recruiters the ability to focus on other aspects of their role that can help find the best candidate.

Crushing Unconscious Bias

Often times, recruiters don’t even realize they carry any unconscious bias. It just happens.

As humans, we naturally gravitate towards certain people. That might be fair enough in a setting where you’re looking to meet new friends, but it has no place in best hiring practices. Someone representing an organization’s HR department should, in theory, have zero bias. However, that is next to impossible based on how we’re wired psychologically.

There’s no real way a human being will make a completely unbiased decision on a candidate because they don’t even realize they’re doing it. AI has randomized algorithms that can completely isolate the bias from the recruitment process by sticking to the facts and data to find the best candidate.

Finding the Right Employee

It’s impossible to predict how a particular employee is going to pan out long-term. That said, AI can certainly increase the chances of finding the right fit.

Not only can AI identify key hiring metrics such as qualifications, educational history, and work experience, there’s also a behavioural aspect that’s involved, as well. Behavioural profiles help recruiters measure character and abilities. By gauging ethics, honesty, intelligence, attitudes, and beliefs, the candidate picture becomes much clearer.

Think of a world where the top HR recruiters can take all the information and data they need in order to find the right candidate and plug that into an AI algorithm. Suddenly, the chances of unqualified candidates get much lower. The AI can decipher loads of resumes that don’t match what a company is specifically in search of.

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