Five benefits of screening tenants

Finding good tenants is a must for any landlord who wants a reliable rental income stream. By ‘good tenants’ we mean those who pay rent on time, don’t cause trouble with the neighbors and who will take care of your rental property like it was their own. That’s why tenant screening is such an important

Issues your tenants may face

When tenants are filling out an application, the last thing on either of your minds are issues that may arise once they’ve moved in. Generally, landlord and tenant relationships can be mutually beneficial, but if the relationship breaks down due to issues you, or the tenant, are having, major problems can arise. It’s important to

What is the Speculation Tax?

As we’re sure most of you are aware, City centres in BC are going through a housing crisis. The prices of many homes are way past most local incomes and the same goes for rental prices. In areas of BC, the vacancy rate is sitting near 0%, which is a huge problem. The idea of

Tenants, you have rights too

Sometimes situations may arise for you as a tenant that send red flags about your living space. But should you get the landlord involved? Many renters don’t realise that even something as small as noisy neighbours should legally be dealt with by your landlord. It can be a tricky balancing act to determine whether you

Four questions tenants should ask potential landlords

Apartment hunting can be incredibly difficult and daunting, but nothing feels better than finally finding the perfect space for you. However, even if this new place seems to tick all your boxes, a property can become less desirable if an inexperienced or subpar landlord is involved. An easy way to ensure you’re getting a fair

Should landlords let the past be the past?

As many experienced landlords can tell you, an incredibly thorough background and reference check on any prospective tenant is the only way to determine whether or not they will treat you, your due dates, and your property with respect. Oftentimes it’s tempting to meet a charming tenant and take them at their word about their

Reading the body language of your prospective tenant

Bodies talk. They even have their own language. You can probably already read some of this language during your day-to-day social interactions. For example, you may find someone slouched over a table during a meeting to seem unprofessional or perhaps when you ask a potential tenant’s reason for moving they stutter or mumble and look

What is the best time to list your rental property?

It’s incredibly simple to find information online about selling a property. Simply type “sell my house” on Google and you’ll be inundated with tips and tricks to make the most from your sale. One of those tips includes what time of year is best to list your house on the market. But what about your

4 things you should know before becoming a landlord

Whether you’re considering renting out your basement suite, an apartment, or an entire building of units, being a landlord is a tough gig. There’s much more to it than just allowing your first tenant to move in right away. It takes time, patience and huge amounts of care to be on top form as a