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Certn is one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies, with offices coast to coast. We provide a fast, simple, comprehensive solution for applicant screening, backed by great customer service.

We’re in the technology business

Our mission when founding Certn was to build a platform that makes it easier for businesses to evaluate their people — employees, tenants, borrowers and more. The result is a new standard in risk management tools for employers, landlords, and property management firms. Since founding Certn, we’ve built the world’s largest risk relevant database and more direct connections with courts and police services than anybody. With a focus on user experience, our award-winning solution offers the fastest, most comprehensive reports ever made.

We’re in the risk management business

Certn uses data points from thousands of sources to not only look at the past, but also leverage data science to predict the future. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), we aim to create the fastest, most comprehensive and predictive applicant profiles available. This makes it easier for our customers to effectively validate someone’s identity, and make better risk decisions.

We’re in the people business

Our people are dedicated to immersing themselves in artificial intelligence and machine learning to change the way we characterize and evaluate people. We pride ourselves on our dynamic work environment with an energizing team culture. 

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