Open the door to better tenants

Bad tenants cost property managers time, money, and business. Certn lets you look deeper than just credit scores so you can evaluate tenants based on a range of risk factors.

“There have been a number of cases where Certn has found critical information that even our most experienced property managers would have missed, potentially saving us thousands of dollars.”

Reed Kipp @ Devon Properties

Screen more tenants faster

Use automated features to slash tenant onboarding time by up to 75%, pre-qualify applicants, score multiple applicants at once, and more. So you can focus on the best potential tenants.

Create stable communities

It’s not just about finding people who can pay the rent on time. By looking at the person as well as their credit score, you can build safer, more stable communities where people want to live.

Reduce tenant turnover

Unreliable or unsettled tenants create more work and cost you more money. Certn lets you use behavioural analysis and review their renting track record to find the perfect long-term tenants.

Do you have less than 50 apartments?

Try Pendo the all-in-one property management platform.

Certn is a proud winner of the Canada 2020 Deloitte Fast 50 Award.
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