Certn’s Developers are Helping Grow a Diverse Tech Community

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Cardiff Gets its First Codebar Mentorship Program

VICTORIA, BC – February 12, 2024Certn is excited to sponsor codebar’s first Cardiff chapter and host its inaugural coding workshop this week, Tuesday February 13, 2024. Codebar is a global community empowering minorities to break into tech through coding workshops and coaching programs. Members of Certn’s engineering team, who help the company design, build, and scale its background screening and verification services for more than 20,000 global users, are volunteering their time and sharing their expertise to help advance a more welcoming, equal, and diverse tech industry.

Chris Palk, Certn’s Vice President of Engineering: “We’re proud to be a part of this amazing community demanding for change in the tech industry. It’s rewarding to work with codebar participants who bring so much to the table through their skills, eagerness, and wealth of perspectives and experiences.”

Growing Diversity in Tech

Despite being one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, diversity is still a challenge in the tech industry. A survey of 649 organisations in the UK reveals that only 13% of senior roles in tech belong to ethnic minority groups. 28% of tech workers are women1. Ensuring diversity and equal opportunity in the tech workforce is regarded as a key to its long-term success.

Codebar celebrated 10 years in 2023. Since 2013, codebar has created opportunities for minority group members to pursue a career in tech. Over the last decade, they’ve held more than 1,900 workshops and created a global community of over 24,000 students and coaches. To learn more about this event and others check out the workshop listing on codebar’s website.

  1. Diversity in Tech. Source: Tech Talent Charter 2022.

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