Certn and Wilma Put Trust and Candidate Experience in the Driver’s Seat

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New “Women-Driving-Women” Ride Hailing Service Will Use Certn’s Fast, Thorough and Trustworthy Background Checks

VICTORIA, British Columbia – July 21, 2022 – Certn, a leader in background screening solutions, today announced the integration of its API with the Wilma platform, pushing forward the mission of building a culture of trust within ride shares. Wilma is a new membership-based ride hailing service focused on passenger and driver safety. 

Wilma is launching in August of 2022 in London, Ontario – offering women and gender diverse people a safe and hassle-free ride sharing experience. Wilma is calling on women and gender diverse people to apply to become a driver. All of Wilma’s potential drivers will undergo a background check provided by Certn’s AI-powered solution, which puts the candidate’s experience front and centre. 

With Certn, candidates can easily complete their background check from their laptop or smartphone. Candidates simply upload a selfie and a picture of their driver’s license to verify their identity. Certn then conducts the background check through its API. The entire screening process is quick and convenient, often providing results in 15 minutes or less. As a result, drivers can get on the road quickly, and riders are assured of a safe and secure Wilma experience.  

Terri Phipps, founder and CEO, Wilma Technologies Inc, said: “Wilma is North America’s first membership ride hailing service of its kind, offering a safety-first, community experience in the ride hailing era. We want to empower our Drivers with a strong income source and Riders with a hassle-free experience. As such, we needed a way to quickly, securely, and conveniently perform best-in-class background checks, and that’s what Certn provides for us. It’s a seamless, efficient way to build our business and address an under-serviced area of this market.”

Andrew McLeod, CEO, Certn, said: “Unlike other processes, which tend to feel invasive and slow, Certn will ensure that potential drivers feel this is a thorough check that helps them become part of a trusted community. We’re proud to play a part in Wilma’s journey to put trust in the drivers’ and passengers’ seat.” 

About Wilma
Wilma is North America’s first Women-Driving-Women ride hailing membership service dedicated to the safety of women and gender diverse people. By creating an atmosphere of trust and community within the ride hailing gig economy, we are committed to being her ride of choice. They can also sign up to be a rider member by downloading the Wilma Rider app or folks can GIFT a membership to a woman they care about by visiting their website at www.getwilma.app and clicking on “gift a membership”. 

Wilma – providing an alternative, hassle-free ride hailing service and job opportunities that work for and empower women. Because HER safety comes first.

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