About Certn & Certn Lime
We build trust in people.


In an ever-changing working landscape where new skills and flexible work arrangements flourish, the competition for talent is heating up. Conventional pre-employment and background screening takes weeks – and businesses may lose out on qualified candidates. Our co-founders saw this opportunity to make it faster and easier for businesses to evaluate potential employees (and tenants) – in minutes instead of weeks! 


Our people are dedicated to immersing themselves in artificial intelligence and machine learning to change the way we characterize and evaluate people. We pride ourselves on our dynamic work environment with an energizing team culture.


Since 2017, Certn has built the most direct connections to local and international human risk databases – including courts and police services. Our proprietary identification verification solution enables businesses to effectively validate someone’s identity and make better trust-based decisions. With a focus on user experience, our award-winning solution offers the fastest, most comprehensive reports ever made.  

This is why over 2,800 customers trust Certn for employment
and tenant screening services.
Our Core Values


We work hard as a team and we are here for the entire journey - not just the result.


We are committed to the success of our team and customers.


We are respectful and appreciative of diversity in every way.


We challenge each other thoughtfully to make each other better.