Avoid Bad Hires With Pre Employment Screening

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One of the most important resources in any successful company or organization is human resources. It’s the people with the necessary talents and skills that keep your well-oiled machine going. The problem is, there are times when some of them move on and leave your doors. There are different reasons, but the most common is that they feel their path is no longer in line with your vision. This is not a bad reflection on you, as an employer. It’s just a natural part of life. People grow and branch out to different paths, just like you. This is the reason why there are times when the goals of your company also change as it expands. 

The challenge whenever this happens, though, is to find the right people to fill the void that your old ones have left, hopefully with those that better suit your vision. After all, even a single bad hire can be costly to your entire company for the following reasons.

It’s a waste of resources.

We’re not just talking about financial resources here. It takes a lot of time and effort to train and wait for a new employee to come up to speed with the pace of your organization. It takes some time for a person to get used to your company’s pace and reach his optimum productivity level. In the meantime, every aspect of his service factor is slowed down. This can be a bigger issue if the employee is not fit to step up and deliver.


It can affect the reputation of your company.

In relation to the previous point, you need to understand that every employee is a microscopic representation of your company. Hence, a bad hire can severely affect the reputation of your company with the people he comes in contact with. Just think of what that would mean if he’s rude or lacks essential skills.  

It shakes up company culture. 

Every company is an organization made up of people. It has an established culture built on months and years of working with each other. A new person is not part of that culture yet and as he’s struggling to find his place, this means there are small ripples affecting that established norm. Needless to say, a bad hire causes larger ripples, and depending on that person’s attitude, he can even ruin the existing culture altogether!

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There are safety risks.

Because it will take some time for you to get to know the person better, you really don’t know whether or not he’s a security risk. Yes, with every new hire, you are letting a total stranger into your company. Fortunately, there is one way to prevent and mitigate security risks. 

Here is what you can do: Have a solid pre-employment screening. 

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 This will ensure that:

  • You’re hiring a person that does not just share your vision and values but is also adequately skilled. It won’t take a long time for him to reach his productivity potential because his talents and prior work experience fit the available position perfectly.
  • Hiring a talented and well-natured person will reflect well on your company. This will not only tell people that your company is made up of awesome people, but it will also show that you take hiring seriously. In turn, this will attract other brilliant people to work for you.
  • It will build on your existing company culture. Working with the best people in the field boosts job satisfaction, increases morale amongst co-workers and lowers employee turnover.
  • You don’t have to worry about security risks. A thorough background check will prevent you from hiring people with existing criminal records and tendencies to dishonesty, or violence.   
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Let’s face it, though. Having a meticulous pre-employment screening program also takes a lot of resources, especially if you would rather be spending those resources elsewhere, such as in expanding your brand. Here’s where Certn can help you out. Our holistic, global, and comprehensive background checks will make sure that you’re hiring the right people within minutes – without you having to do a thing.