Fastest growing AI background check app Certn closes seed financing

Rapidly growing Canadian tenant screening platform evaluating credibility and predicting future behavior receives funding from leading VC firms and angel investors. VICTORIA, B.C. April 25th, 2018 – Certn, the background screening platform using AI to predict applicant behavior and change the way lenders, employers and property managers assess credit, announced that is has closed their latest

AI Background Check App Certn Launches Pre-Employment Screening at HR Tech Summit in Toronto

Canada’s most innovative Screening Platform launches Stripe-Like pre-employment screening API and platform with some of Canada’s largest employers. TORONTO, ON. June 26th, 2018 – Certn, the background screening platform using AI to predict applicant behavior, announced the public launch of their pre-employment background screening application and API. After closing their SEED round, Certn decided to take

How technology is revolutionizing recruitment

Technology’s impact on the modern workplace is undeniable. We live in a time when people can work just as well from home as they can from a downtown office. Because of the constant stream of new technologies, workplace dynamics can shift so rapidly that it’s sometimes tough to keep up with what’s new and on

Why you should always screen your freelancers

As the gig economy continues to grow with 43% of the current workforce expected to be self-employed by 2020, it’s time for recruiters to take freelancers seriously. We’ve seen the evolution already. Remote working is becoming more popular, and companies are looking to more freelancers for help with individual projects. On paper, these are people

Five benefits of screening tenants

Finding good tenants is a must for any landlord who wants a reliable rental income stream. By ‘good tenants’ we mean those who pay rent on time, don’t cause trouble with the neighbors and who will take care of your rental property like it was their own. That’s why tenant screening is such an important

The best and worst interview questions to ask candidates

Recruiters have a tough job. Not only are they gatekeepers of the screening process, but they also need to find the very best candidates for a particular role. The only real chance they get to do so is through a job interview. This is their opportunity to vet a candidate to see if they’re the

The truth about social media screening

The sheer amount of information you can access about someone through social media is dizzying. As people continue to maximize their digital footprints through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, recruitment specialists are also taking notice. That said, everything isn’t fair game. There’s no denying social media’s impact on hiring practices in recent years. There

Why you need to screen your potential hires

As anyone who’s taken part in the recruitment process already knows — finding the right hire is a massive undertaking. It’s not as simple as putting out a job posting and picking the best person based on their skills and experience. Recruiters consider a number of variables that go into finding the perfect candidate for

How AI is revolutionizing recruitment

As workplace technologies have become more advanced and sophisticated, HR recruiters have followed suit. The recruitment process is being streamlined through the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). An overwhelming 96% of recruiters believe that AI can greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention. This technology is revolutionizing the HR industry as we know it, and it’s

Issues your tenants may face

When tenants are filling out an application, the last thing on either of your minds are issues that may arise once they’ve moved in. Generally, landlord and tenant relationships can be mutually beneficial, but if the relationship breaks down due to issues you, or the tenant, are having, major problems can arise. It’s important to