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Employment verification services

Verify your candidates’ employment histories with Certn.

Here’s why you need to verify your candidates’ employment histories

Build trust with your candidates by confirming their skills and experience

  • Build trust with your candidates by confirming their skills and experience. As companies start embracing hybrid, flexible, and remote work options, it’s more important than ever to thoroughly verify your candidates’ professional backgrounds – especially if you are hiring remotely.
  • Get access to a wider pool of global talent. Certn can verify local and international work experiences quickly on your behalf, helping to speed up your hiring time and onboard great talent.
  • Get peace of mind with Certn’s service guarantee. We take care of the administrative tasks for you and guarantee verified results. You will always receive a full report from us and we will treat your candidates with the utmost respect.

Certn can bring you peace of mind with thoroughly verified candidates

A comprehensive pre-employment screening can be fast, easy, and thorough. Certn helps you build confidence and trust in your candidates by contacting their current or previous employers directly. The results of the verification include:

  • Job title(s)
  • Date(s) of employment


of job applications contain inaccurate information


of job applicants have lied on their résumés.

Hire faster and leave the verifications paperwork to Certn.

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