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Financial Services

Building trust in your business

The financial service industry is one of the most heavily regulated across all sectors. An industry that works with customers’ sensitive data needs to have the complete picture of their candidates’ background histories. This requires a background check solution that provides an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of candidates’ pasts to ensure the work carried out is safe.

The Right Tools to Hire the Right Candidates

Certn’s smarter background checks give an in-depth look into your candidates’ history at a glance. We’ve developed enhanced criminal record checks, education employment and broad databases to help ensure that candidates are not only adequately experienced for the role, but also safe to carry out their duties.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience

Simplicity and convenience is key to prevent losing top talent due to a poor candidate experience. Certn’s fully-mobile platform allows candidates to complete checks from anywhere on any device ensuring candidates remain engaged throughout the process. Now, candidates can verify their qualifications with ease and connect with our dedicated in-house support team at their convenience.

Prioritizing Data Security & Compliance

Certn recognizes the importance of data privacy for both employer accounts and candidates’ personal information, so we’ve built our platform to meet compliance protocols on all fronts. Certn’s smarter background checks feature built-in compliance across the board, so you can maintain peace of mind when delivering high volume checks.

Automatically built-in consent forms on all of our services for ease of use
Certn’s background check solutions have passed the SOC 3 Type II audit for compliance with the security principle
Encrypted data within our AWS cloud platform for account exclusive access

Certn seamlessly integrates into your existing ATS systems, so you can start screening candidates in seconds.