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EMEA – Employment Verification Services

Employment Verification

Employment History, Verified

Verifying your candidates’ employment history is simple with our all-in-one platform. 

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Hire Qualified Candidates with Confidence

Employment verification is a vital step to any hiring process. Know where your candidates have been employed. 

employment verification save time

Save Time

Take the manual burden of contacting past employers off of your team’s plate.

employment verification enhance trust and reliability

Enhance Trust and Reliability

Establish a higher level of trust and confidence in your hiring process.

employment verification mitigate risk

Mitigate Risk

Protect your organization from potential legal consequences that come with hiring candidates with misrepresented history.

Confirm Your Candidate’s Employment History 

We take the manual burden of reaching out to past employers off of your team’s plate, covering:

  • Dates of Employment: Confirm the dates of employment at each employer your candidate has listed.
  • Job Title: Verify the named positions held by the candidate with their past roles and responsibilities. 
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Get Started with Better Background Checks

From one check to thousands, we can meet your business wherever you are. We give you the flexibility to choose the checks that matter most to you.

All Verifications, One Global Platform

Verify your candidates’ education, employment, and professional credentials all in one platform.

Education Verification

Know where your candidates have studied and the degrees, diplomas and certificates they’ve earned. 

Employment Verification

Verify your candidate’s employment history and be confident they have the experience required for your organization. 

Credential Verification

Ensure your candidates hold the required qualifications to meet the standards set by their profession or industry.

Technology-First Experience

Give your candidates a hiring experience you can be proud of with our mobile-first user experience that can integrate directly into the world’s most popular hiring and tenancy platforms. 

fast and accurate background checks

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it. See why our customers love us.

“At Tech Mahindra, we have close to 200,000 employees. Certn gives us speed, consistency, and a really simple experience for both our candidates and talent acquisition team.”

Dhawal Parikh
Head of Talent Acquisition, TechMahindra

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“Certn delivers a service in minutes that takes other vendors days AND they do it for a third of the cost.”

Nicole MacLean
Senior Manager, People Technology, WestJet


“The price point is amazing, and so is the service and turnaround time. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Deanna Brousseau
Director of Talent Acquisition, AltaML

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Your Questions, Answered

A letter of employment, or proof of employment, summarizes information from your current job offer A letter of employment includes information about your pay and deductions from your pay, your job duties, and conditions of employment such as the nature of your contract or hours of work. A letter of employment is most often requested by lenders such as banks and landlords to validate information about your current job and inform their decision making.

The employment verification process includes verifying the following details: dates of employment and job title. Members of Certn’s verification team do this via phone or email.

Employment verification is a standard part of the pre-employment background screening process. This process helps employers determine whether the candidate is suitable for the role.

In Canada, the United States, and Australia, employers can confirm a candidate’s dates of employment and the job titles or positions held. In the United Kingdom, employers can confirm the dates of employment and the job titles or positions held, plus details of any disqualifications in a Directorship Check.

On top of conducting a background check to verify your past employment, HR may call or email your previous employers to verify the dates of employment and job titles listed in your application. The HR team may also outsource this task to a third-party vendor like Certn.

The turnaround time for employment verifications depends on the efficiency and responsiveness of the sources, but we generally tell clients that they can expect a response within 5 to 10 business days.

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