Background Checks

Employee hired after online police check for employment
Australian Police Check for a Job: What’s Up?

We cover everything you need to know about an Australian police check for a job.

Australian flag representing different types of police checks in Australia
Different Types of Police Checks

Here’s the scoop on different types of police checks in Australia! Read more for everything you need to know.

HR leader presenting to conference room about why background checks are important
Why Background Checks are Important

In this blog post, we cover all the reasons why background checks are important and why you shouldn’t skip them.

Quebec flag to represent SOQUIJ and criminal record check Quebec
SOQUIJ and Criminal Record Check Quebec

Hiring employees in Quebec? Here’s everything you need to know about SOQUIJ and why you should use it alongside a criminal record check!

Licenced doctor showing why background checks are essential
Why Background Checks are Essential

Certn’s Director of Talent Acquisition weighs in on why background checks are essential.

Female delivery driver with a driver's abstract in Ontario for work
How to Get a Driver’s Abstract in Ontario

Here’s how to get a driver’s abstract in Ontario and every other province and territory in Canada.

Employer holding cellphone with social media apps on screening depecting best practices for social media screening at work
Best Practices for Pre-Employment Social Media Screening

Here’s how companies can use social media screening to evaluate potential employees and the associated risks and benefits.

Man holding cellphone browsing Certn background checks online
5 Reasons to Use Certn Background Checks

Clients who switch to Certn background checks share how easy it is now that they’re using online checks, and we’re happy we can help.

Q&A Period Representing Certn Background Check Process Your Questions Answered
Certn Background Check Process, Your Questions Answered

Here’s everything you need to know about the Certn background check process straight from the Certn team!

International employee hired with international background checks
International Background Checks by Certn

Don’t let international background check hurdles get in your way of hiring the best candidates. Here’s what you need to know about securing a global business.

Woman looking at results to depict what do background checks reveal
What Do Background Checks Reveal

Background checks are a standard practice in background screening nowadays. Here’s what shows up when you run one.

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Certn Named Leader in Background Checks

Our 2023 Leader status makes sense since we’re committed to changing background screening globally by offering better background checks for everyone.