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What We Can Offer: Property Management

Property Management

Powering Better Tenant Experiences

Enable more accurate identity and credit checks by integrating directly into your tenant platform through our open API.

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Companies Like Yours Trust Certn

Get Your Property Rented Faster

Our tenant screening makes it easy for both you and your prospective tenants.

  • Find The Right Tenants: Safeguard your rental investment with responsible tenants.
  • Rental Income, Faster: Rent out your property in no time, reducing vacancies and maximizing your rental income.
  • Screening, Simplified: Request checks from prospective tenants to complete their screening quickly from their mobile device, making the process hassle-free.
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Hassle-Free Tenant Screening

Don’t let slow checks block your tenancy agreements. Our intuitive app and automated processes speed up the tenant screening process, finding you the right tenants faster.

  • Verify your candidates instantly with our mobile-first screening and biometric identity verification.
  • Send screening packages straight to their mobile with email and SMS invites.
  • Get consolidated reports that include all your background checks in a single place so you can make decisions faster.
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Customer Story

Securing Rent for Advent’s Properties with Efficient Screening

Screening Developed
for Property Managers

Run all your tenant checks from one platform for a seamless rental experience. Know exactly who’s getting the keys to your property.

Credit Checks

Screen an individual’s overall financial health, including tradelines, bankruptcies, public record and collection information.

Reference Checks

Check your applicant’s references with our digital and phone options.

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of an individual instantly with biometric facial recognition.

Better Results with Certn


Easiest to Use
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Reduced Costs


Faster Turnaround Times

A Technology-First Experience

Give your tenants a screening experience that makes them excited to move in. Our mobile-first platform allows tenants and roommates to start their background check where ever, whenever.

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Get Started with Better Background Checks

From one check to thousands, we can meet your business where ever you are. Our solutions give you the flexibility to choose the checks that matter most to you.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it. With 98% of our users saying they love us, we’re pretty close to being almost everybody’s cup of tea.

“It is so simple and easy. You don’t have to monitor it. We know everything is legit and easy to use.”

Andrea Farina
Co-owner and Operations Manager, Rent with Advent

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“Certn offers the best service for Landlords and Property Management companies. The ID verification helps us mitigate fraudulent accounts.”

Director of Operations
Capterra Reviewer

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“Certn helps us choose the right tenants for the right property.”

Property Manager
Capterra Reviewer

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