All Certn Clients Now Benefit from Trustmatic’s Leading ID Verification Service

All Certn Clients Benefit from Trustmatic's Leading ID Verification News Banner

Victoria, BC – February 27, 2024 — Certn, a global leader in background screening, is proud to confirm the availability of Trustmatic’s leading identity verification technology for all clients. Trustmatic’s instant, AI-powered identity verification aligns seamlessly with Certn’s mission of driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising accuracy or security. Trustmatic simplifies user authentication and provides greater control over sharing personal data, which has a crucial role in shaping the future of background screening and allows Certn to customize every part of the user experience.

Donal Greene, VP and Global Head of Identity, enthusiastically commented on the rollout stating, “Integrating Trustmatic into Certn’s entire product suite is a major step in our mission to deliver the world’s most secure and user-friendly identity verification solution. Users are verified in under 30 seconds, so it doesn’t get much faster than that, and our AI-powered process can help businesses reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%.”

Meeting the Needs of a Digital Future

The integration broadens Certn’s reach, tapping into new markets and leveraging Trustmatic’s strong European presence. Clients worldwide will benefit from an even faster and better identity verification service.

A Strategic Acquisition for Enhanced Services

In November 2023, Certn announced its acquisition of Trustmatic. Read more about the acquisition and its impact at this link

About Certn and Trustmatic 

You don’t have to settle for how it’s always been done. Verify users in under 30 seconds and spend up to 50% less on customer acquisition through seamless AI-powered KYC. Trustmatic and Certn are revolutionizing identity verification with fast and compliant results. Why wait? Trusted by over 20,000 teams and some of the world’s biggest brands, Trustmatic helps businesses scale faster and manage security — all while delivering user experiences that help them stand out. Learn more at and