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Gig Economy


Turn Candidates into Earners, Faster

Enable faster, more accurate screening for contract and gig workers by integrating our checks directly into your platform through our open API.

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Companies Like Yours Trust Certn

Hire Gig Workers Safely and Efficiently

Give your contractors and employees a hiring experience you can be proud of while providing peace of mind for your customers.

  • Integrate directly with your platform: Our RESTful API makes it easy to implement screening services into your own app.
  • Streamline your screening: Verify your candidates instantly with our mobile-first screening and biometric identity verification.
  • Establish trust: Give your customers peace of mind by ensuring your drivers and contractors have been accurately screened.
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Screening Made For
The Gig Economy

High-volume hiring is easy with our seamless platform. Create packages with all the checks needed to make the right hire.

Criminal Record Checks

Confirm a candidate’s disclosed criminal history – from arrests, charges, convictions and warrants, globally.

Driver’s Abstracts & Motor Vehicle Records

Verify a candidate’s driving history to flag unsafe driving records that might make them a risky hire.

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of candidates instantly with biometric facial recognition.

Employment Verifications

Take the manual burden off of your team’s plate by verifying a candidate’s employment history with our services.

Reference Checks

Check your candidate’s references with our digital and phone options.

International Checks

Scan international databases to confirm any international court or criminal records in over 200 countries and territories.

Customer Story

Empowering Fantuan to serve millions with trusted contractors

A Technology-First Screening Experience

Onboard candidates faster without sacrificing the trust and safety of your customers. Our mobile-first screening experience integrates directly into your app and hiring platforms.

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Get Started with Better Background Checks

We can scale your screening with your hiring needs from one check to thousands. Our solutions give you the flexibility to choose the checks that matter most to you.

Background checks shouldn’t bottleneck the process for you – or your candidates. We believe in a more efficient process for everyone.

Integrated into your Hiring Flow

Our background checking platform and API integrates seamlessly into your existing business workflows. From our app to tailored solutions, our technology helps you to deliver a truly candidate-first experience.

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Build with our API

Add background checks to your onboarding experience with our RESTful API.

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Partner Integrations

Run background checks through your ATS, HR, or onboarding system of choice with our no dev, no code and pre-built integrations.

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Use the Certn App

Try your first background check through our self-service dashboard—no code or integrations necessary.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it. With 98% of our users saying they love us, we’re pretty close to being almost everybody’s cup of tea.

“Because of Certn’s API integrations and the fast turnaround times, we have been able to get workers on shifts in less than 10 minutes.”

Justin Ober
CEO, GigHound


“The secure process and accurate results give us confidence in our hiring. We definitely found a better deal and user experience with Certn.”

James Chan
Operations Manager, Fantuan

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“The price point is amazing, and so is the service and turnaround time. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Deanna Brousseau
Director of Talent Acquisition, AltaML

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the World’s Easiest Checks?

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