ID Verification

Certn CEO Andrew McLeod delivering background check industry trends talk Collision Conference
2024 Background Check Industry Trends: Certn’s Predictions

Here’s what Certn’s CEO Andrew McLeod predicts will influence the background check industry in 2024.

Man holding cellphone to do identity verification to prevent credit card fraud
What to Know About Identity Verification

Do you know who you’re hiring? With Certn identity verification you can – instantly.

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OneID Provides the Best Candidate Experience

In 2021, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission received more than 5.88 million fraud reports. More specifically, ID theft complaints topped the list of fraud reports making up about 24% of the reports.

Employee with pixelated data on face to depict importance of online identity verification before hiring remote employees
The Global Solution to Remote Hiring: OneID

Used before a background check, OneID is a great tool to ensure you’re populating the forms with the right information and that you’re asking the right person to complete the background check.