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Woman's face with computer code overlay representing the future of biometrics, blockchain technology, and verifiable credentials
From Biometrics to Blockchain: The Current and Future State of Background Screening

We’ve been innovating all parts of the background screening process and influencing change in the industry, but we’re also preparing for a future when there are no more background checks, at least not in the traditional sense.

Canadian teacher with vulnerable sector check to work with students in classroom
The Problem with Canada’s Vulnerable Sector Checks

Vulnerable sector checks are outdated and can create a false sense of security for end users. If not mandated as part of your screening policy, here’s what you can use instead.

Certn CEO Andrew McLeod delivering background check industry trends talk Collision Conference
2024 Background Check Industry Trends: Certn’s Predictions

Here’s what Certn’s CEO Andrew McLeod predicts will influence the background check industry in 2024.

Remote employee having online meeting depecting the future of work needs a better background check process
The Future of Work Needs a Better Background Check Process

The Certn background check process is literally made to make hiring faster and easier. Not to mention, it aligns with new and emerging models of work and works where you work.

Female retail employee at clothing rack showing in-person retail hiring trends for 2023
Retail Hiring Trends 2023: How Recruiters Can Win with Technology

Here are the retail hiring trends to watch for in 2023 and how Certn can support faster, easier retail hiring to help you keep up.

Hiring manager and remote candidate showing how to hire faster to impress candidates
Automated Hiring: Hire Faster and Impress Candidates

Automated hiring is a 2023 trend hiring trend that delivers better candidate experiences.

Recruiter at laptop reading the 2023 background screening trends
2023 Background Screening Trends

Here are the 2023 top background screening trends.

Male food delivery worker in hat in the gig and freelance economy in Canada
The Gig and Freelance Economy in Canada

Gig work is the trend of people participating in short-term or project-based work arrangements. The Canada gig economy is the ecosystem where this type of freelancing is the primary or major source of income.

Online interview candidate on video call showing how the hiring process has changed and how you can adapt
How Hiring Processes Have Changed and How Your Organization Can Adapt

The hiring process has changed drastically in recent years. Here are a key ways you can use technology in recruitment.

HR leader connecting the dots on white board for team to explain the HR trends that background screening help with
2022 HR Trends Background Screening Helps With

2023 is just around the corner. And while the workplace is very different from what it was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, to say the change is done is presumptuous.

Happy collaborative team at workplace to show how technology is revolutionizing recruitment
How Technology is Revolutionizing Recruitment

Here’s what you need to know about how technology is revolutionizing recruitment, especially when it comes to background screening.

Male freelance part-time worker with Certn background check to work in gig economy
The Gig Economy Revolution: Preparing for Growth

There’s a work revolution underway. The gig work economy is reshaping work and hiring practices. How’s your company adapting?