Trends Impacting Hospitality Industry Hiring in 2024

Hospitality industry hiring in 2024 is being impacted by seven key trends. Learn everything you need to know to stay ahead.

Gig worker delivery driver with background check to work safely
How to Hire a Gig Worker: Background Checks for Contractors and Part-Timers

With Certn, Fantuan can easily run background checks for gig workers. Learn more about how Certn helps gig work economy and marketplace companies.

Remote employee joining meeting on laptop to show ultimate guide to hiring remote employees
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

The global job market has changed and workplaces have been required to get out of their comfort zones and offer more flexible working conditions that are no longer limited to geographical boundaries.

Collaborative workplace using technology to fight biases in hiring
5 Biases in Hiring and How Technology Can Help Fight Them

Here’s how technology can actually help fight biases in hiring!

Diverse employees representing embracing DEI in the candidate experience
Embracing‌ ‌DEI ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌Candidate‌ ‌Experience‌ ‌

Hiring is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Recruiters need to act fast with vulture-like competition waiting to swoop in on the next best talent. It becomes an absolute necessity for recruiters to have an Application Tracking Software (ATS) system that enables a smooth and fast hiring process.

Lawyer with binder with FCRA requirements for employers
FCRA Requirements for Employers

Recruiting top talent while ensuring a secure and compliant workforce starts with understanding the FCRA. For employers, the connection between background checks and the FCRA requirements is undeniable.

Fountain: Certn’s Newest Applicant Tracking System Partner
Fountain: Certn’s Newest Applicant Tracking System Partner

We are thrilled to announce we’ve teamed up with Fountain to collectively strengthen our candidate-first experience in the hiring and background screening process.

Happy employees using Certn background checks to recruit for their retail job
7 Reasons to Switch Background Check Companies

The hiring process has evolved over the years as companies move from hiring locally to screening candidates virtually across the world. Small and medium-sized businesses today have access to a much wider talent pool to help find excellent employees.

Freelance marketer works from home safely after background check
Minimize Gig Work Risks with Background Screening

While the gig economy offers benefits, it’s important for employers to understand and mitigate potential risks with background screening.

Why Reducing Hiring Bias is Good for Business
Why Reducing Hiring Bias is Good for Business

It’s time to reduce bias in your hiring process. Hiring is a key activity within any organization, but it can be riddled with unintentional bias that prevents you from finding the best candidate for the job.

Recruiter calling reference for background check
Top 3 Myths about Background Checks

Background checks may seem daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be so complicated. We tackle three common myths.

Prospective employee doing online interview for a better candidate experience during the hiring process
How to Improve the Candidate Experience During the Hiring Process

With this shift to virtual interviews, finding ways to prioritize the candidate experience during the hiring process is even more essential now.