Certn and Screenloop Partner

Certn and Screenloop Partnership Announcement

Helping Employers Hire Top Talent in the EMEA Region

VICTORIA, BC, March 21, 2023 — Today Certn, a leader in background screening, announced its partnership with Screenloop, a hiring platform that helps recruiters hire quality candidates faster and at scale. Like Certn, Screenloop operates across Europe and North America, helping recruiters build a better candidate experience. Now Screenloop users have access to Certn’s domestic and international background checks within the Screenloop platform.

“Hiring the wrong candidate is costly and timely,” says Mike Nagtzaam, director of partnerships at Certn. “That’s why making Certn background checks available in another hiring platform like Screenloop excites us. We can offer an even faster, more seamless and integrated candidate hiring process together, across the UK and globally.” added Nagtzaam.

Certn delivers fast and compliant background screening solutions that help businesses make more informed hiring decisions, lower hiring risk, and improve the candidate and recruiter experience. Certn gives employers more confidence and trust in their hiring decisions by helping them know they’re hiring the right candidate. By partnering with Screenloop, UK’s interview intelligence software, Certn and Screenloop are helping employers improve their hiring process through candidate feedback and reducing candidate drop-off.  

Given the high demand of background checks within the Screenloop platform, Certn makes this process simple for candidates and employers. Certn allows Screenloop users to run checks in 193+ countries and quickly verify the candidates from the platform they already know and love. Through this partnership, Screenloop users can make even more informed hiring decisions and lower the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. 

About Screenloop
Screenloop is a hiring intelligence platform founded by former hiring managers that help teams deliver a better candidate experience. The platform helps teams understand Candidate Net Promoter Scores (CNPS) while offering interview intelligence, interviewer training, and interviewer shadowing, creating a more efficient recruitment process. In addition to the platform itself, Screenloop also offers onboarding and strategy services to improve more aspects of the hiring process. Learn more at screenloop.com.  

About Certn
Certn offers better and faster experiences for everyone. Certn is revolutionizing background screening with the easiest-to-use online platform, 24/7 customer support, and fast and compliant results from global databases. Why wait? Trusted by 20,000+ teams, Certn helps businesses hire faster and manage risk — all while delivering user experiences that help them stand out. Learn more at http://certn.co/.

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