Fast, Efficient and Reliable Verification

Income and employment verification from Certn is the fastest, most reliable way to ensure your applicant is stable and employed at their stated level. Income and/or employment information is needed, and in many cases required, in order to approve an application for credit, rentals or new employment. It is also the most lied about piece on any application for property or credit.

An income and employment verification contains both basic employment information as well as detailed compensation data such as wages, bonuses, commissions and overtime. If provided by the employer, our service can also include historical payment data, dates and amounts of the applicant's most recent and projected pay increases.

Certn uses a 3 factor authentication to accurately and securely verify an applicants income and employment through:

Employment Databases

Certn finds employment through one of the largest a database of instantly available income and employment information from employers across Canada.

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Social Profiles

Certn verifies employment through social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and through public profiles on sites like, Crunchbase and more.

Researched Verification 

If your applicant's income and employment data is not instantly available, Certn will manually complete the verification on your behalf in as little as one business day.

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