At Certn, we’ve created amazing technology that has revolutionized the background screening process. We provide our clients with a fast, simple solution to a currently over-complicated process. And they love it!

We aim to build an amazing internal team, as well as help our clients build theirs. We believe we when we bring our whole selves to work, we are happier, more confident, and more excited to do great things! And we invest in our team to make sure that you have right information, resources and tools to thrive in with us… after all, we help businesses thrive and grow, so we want you to as well!


We’ve had remarkable growth and are actively seeking a Verification Specialist to support our processes in managing employment, reference, education and licensing verifications.  

This will be a full time position where you can work remotely and learn about how background checks are conducted by companies. You will learn about different hiring practices and all about different types of workplace environments and practices, while engaging your customer service and administration skills daily.

We are looking for someone who is keen to learn, is driven in the workplace and is looking to grow in this industry.





Apply immediately, as we will be interviewing shortly!