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You can count on Certn to deliver flexible employment screening packages that meet your industry’s requirements for safety, legitimate qualifications, and professional expertise.

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Fast, consistent background checks

Certn provides all of the necessary checks to assure worried parents that sufficient steps have been taken to protect their children and create a safe environment. Get fast and accurate results while keeping the trust of parents, and supporting your community.

Close candidates faster

Hiring sports employees would mean a trip down to the police station for the would-be coach or volunteer, and a potentially lengthy waiting period. Now you can skip the wait with Certn’s instant background check solutions. No more waiting for weeks to get your results.

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Hire the right candidates

Your association needs background checks that can accurately and reliably assure you and parents that the children are in good hands with coaches and volunteers. Certn can help build that trust by providing full criminal record checks, public safety checks, and more.

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