Imagine if background checks were easy

Screening to find the best candidates shouldn’t be time-consuming and complex. So we simplified and streamlined it to make it easy. You might even enjoy it.

“Certn helps us gain valuable, real-time insights into our applicants, allowing us to focus on candidates that are most likely to become employees.”

Will Fraser @ SaaSquatch

Hire the best people faster

With Certn, you can be the early bird that gets the top talent. By making it quick and painless for both you and your applicants to complete background checks, you can onboard your candidates faster.

Find the perfect match

Great candidates have the right skills for the job and are a good culture fit. Certn instantly finds the best candidates for your needs based on skills, experience, potential risks, and more.

Real-time insights for informed decisions

Certn delivers certainty and peace of mind through compliant, comprehensive, insight-packed, and easy-to-read reports. Instead of hiring and hoping, you can easily identify the best talent for your business.