We Help Property Managers & Financial Institutions

identify, assess and manage applications to find the best customers.

Incorporating character, willingness, and ability to pay means building better quality and profitable businesses for our clients. At Certn we take a 3 Dimensional approach to scoring applicants. By using social, behavioural and credit profiles our platform enables a deep quantitative understanding of an applicants character. We integrate into existing application processes and can be used as a stand-alone solution, automating and streamlining the applicant decision-making process which generates significant time and cost savings.

What We Do

Get Tenants Approved Faster

Property Managers & Financial Institutions seek more than just a credit score to approve an applicant. Our Clients want to serve more applicants but lack many key ingredients for predicting a bad customer or resident. As a result, they serve a restricted pool and often reject the best applicants.

Pick Better Residents

Certn enables Clients to reduce turn over and dramatically reduce late or non-payments. This allows managers to better predict cash flow and improve the value of their portfolio with great residents!

Seize Opportunity

Our model reveals new dimensions of information about all applicants regardless of whether they have poor or are lacking credit history. This allows Clients to quickly approve a quality applicant and eliminate late payments, default and/or vacancy.

Eliminate Defaults

The biggest risk for Finanacial Instutitons and Property Managers is default. Find out who is most likely to pay and pay on-time and who to stay in your unit, or continue to borrow, the longest.

Social Profiles

Draw real conclusions from social and public information

Certn uses non-traditional data derived from a customer’s online and social behaviour. We provide our clients with an in depth look at criminal history, court records, tribunal disputes, negative press and any other publicly available red flags that might be found about the tenant.  With unparalleled accuracy we can validate social and public information to predict good and bad residents.

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Behavioural Profiles

Go Beyond Face Value

We help our clients effectively assess applicants for product/property fit and default risk. Incorporating character and willingness to pay through psychometric analysis means building better quality, and more profitable communities.

Credit Profiles

An applicant’s ability to pay is second only to their willingness to pay.

Ability to pay is key in a 3 dimensional credibility profile. An applicant’s ability to pay is second only to their willingness to pay. Certn provides credit reporting as well as employment and income verification to ensure that applicants actually have the ability to pay.

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AI & Machine Learning


Certn’s proprietary brain uses complex data and AI to determine the perfect applicant suitability profiles. We analyze risk and fit across hundreds of thousands of data points in seconds.

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