Motor Vehicle Record Checks


Motor vehicle record (MVR) checks

Ensure the safety of your drivers, employees, and everyone else with accurate pre-employment driving record checks.

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Here’s why you should do a motor vehicle check on your candidates

  • Ensure your candidate has a clean driving record
    Keep safe drivers on the road – especially if your candidate is required to drive long distances. Certn can provide motor vehicle checks, or driver’s abstracts, for the US and Canada.
  • Maintain your organization’s trust and reputation with good safety practices
    Protect your organization against liabilities. This is especially important for positions such as:
    • Contract drivers in the gig economy
    • Any employee or volunteer that drives as part of their work
    • Commercial drivers
    • Delivery and courier services

What a motor vehicle record check shows you

A motor vehicle record report shows a copy of your candidate’s driving record. This includes:

  • License status
  • Traffic citations
  • Accident history

Additional state fees apply.

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