Don't just apply for a job, apply for the Certn lifestyle 

We don't just work

A Certn we're all about working hard while enjoying life. We're a company that values work life balance and people's need to have a happy healthy life. We've got activities like our soccer team, basketball games, morning and evening surf sessions. We also have tournaments including video game, squash and ping pong tournaments making us one of the most fun places to work. 

Whether you like the big city, or that community vibe, we've got offices in both Toronto and Victoria allowing you to work in some amazing facilities on either side of the country. 

Learn from peers & professionals

We believe in personal development

The team at Certn has deep connections, experience and education. Working at Certn gives you access to an unparalleled network as well as learning opportunities both internally and externally. 


We like to have fun!

Work hard, play hard

We're more like a family than co-workers. We like to spend time together after work playing sports, video games or just socializing. Both of our offices offer plenty activities and a chance to make some amazing new friends.

We hire on culture first

Don't sweat it if you don't have a PhD

At Certn we hire based on culture first. Culture fit is one of the few things that can't be taught. A team that meshes well and has chemistry will out perform a group of smart professionals working individually any day of the week. If you're interested in a position that you don't have the experience for, don't worry, just tell us how you plan to be the best!

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