The Certn Opportunity

AI is one of the most exciting areas in tech right now and Canada is poised to be a leader in the space. Certn is one of the most exciting Canadian tech companies utilizing AI and machine learning to help lenders and property managers make better risk decisions.


The largest challenge facing lenders and property managers is how to effectively service the unbanked and underbanked.  It’s estimated that more than 3BN people globally could gain access to credit and at affordable rates if there was an effective way to access their ability to pay. Certn solves that problem with behavioural and data science to accurately predict what a customer will do, regardless of their lack of or thin credit history.


Engineered to save our client's time and money:

  • One standardized application for all applicants
  • Reduce liability with standardized approval criteria
  • No more combing the internet for social profiles or internet search results.
  • No more manually verifying income or employment
  • No more fake tenancy references
  • Never turn away a good tenant again!


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