Credit Reports for Background Checks

Credit reports provide insight into your candidates’ financial history. These are often used by employers when a candidate is applying for a position that deals directly with money. By landlords and property managers, when assessing a candidate for a rental and by banks when issuing credit. Certn can facilitate credit reports for every use case. Talk to a member of our team to see if Certn Credit Reports are right for you.

What’s included in a Credit Report?

Certn partners with the best local and international credit bureaus to provide detailed credit reports. Whether you are a property manager or an employer, receiving fast, accurate credit reports is a must. Certn reports include everything from scores to tradelines, bankruptcies and more.

Why Certn? Save Time and Money

Certn provides instant credit reports with an easy, same-day onboarding process. Meaning you can sign up and start doing credit checks right away.