Instant employment
& education verification

Instant Verify is a hiring product that confirms a candidate’s employment or education history in minutes. Certn provides fast and affordable instant verifications so your team doesn’t waste time making unnecessary phone calls.

3 Easy steps

1. Request employment verification

2. Candidate provides employment history

3. Results in seconds

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Instant Verify scours thousands of credible, public sources to verify candidate history. From degree type, institution and enrolment dates, to company, title and employment period. Instant verify is the fastest solution on the market. Attempt to verify through 40 Payroll Databases around the world.

Saving Time

Before Instant Verify, Employment & Education Verifications for hiring took an average of 15 days, we know that employers need information that is fast, and accurate. Instant Verify provides results immediately. No gathering paperwork, no awkward phone calls, and no wasted time.

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