Criminal Record Checks

Fast, easy to use and mobile. Certn’s criminal record checks streamline the criminal record check process in over 200 countries. Meaning you can get  an accurate portrait of your candidate’s criminal history without waiting for days or weeks.

What we offer

Certn has partnered with courts and police agencies around the world to conduct Criminal Record Checks in a way that’s fast and painless. Candidates can give their consent online in less than 60 seconds and results are ready in as little as 1 minute.

Criminal record Save Time

Why are they important?

A comprehensive criminal background check helps you build a team you can trust. Minimize risk, maintain trust within your organization, and protect your organization against theft and liability claims instantly.

Save time and money

Our checks can be completed in as little as one minute and they never require a visit to the police station, intimidating questionnaires or a poor candidate experience.

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