In construction, a lot is on the line when it comes to hiring the right candidates. Count on Certn to deliver flexible employment screening packages that meet the industry’s requirements for speed, safety, and reliability at affordable prices.


Maximize the safety of your worksite

The construction industry is challenged to fill positions quickly and manage high turnover, all while maintaining a safe worksite. You need screenings that are reliable, fast, and cost-effective. We’ve got all those boxes checked.

Build a crew faster

It’s hard to find qualified candidates – and keeping up with the turnover rates is tricky when background checks take too long. Certn hosts millions of records which allow us to deliver most of our background checks instantly.

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Reduce risk, save money

Construction sites are always losing time and money that could have been prevented with pre-employment screening. Reduce the risk of workplace accidents and wasted turnover time with accurate background checks tailored to your company’s needs.

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